P.O.T.N. X 2015: New festival area

This year's festival is changing location, from the city center, to the CAMELOT PARK (Ayios Yiannis Malountas, Nicosia).

Read the official announcement:

Dear fans, we reach out to you to let you know that this year’s Power Of the Night edition is changing location. We relocate from the city center, more specifically to the CAMELOT PARK (Ayios Yiannis Malountas, Nicosia). We decided to relocate the festival, due to some inconveniences with the previous venue. On the upside, the new area offers a lot more. Plus we consider it to be one of the most beautiful facilities we saw so far, and the new venue allows us to party ALL day and ALL night! Non stop music and entertainment. As you can understand, the 10th year of Power Of The Night will be heavier, crazier, and with lots of new additions. Just like the celebration of our 10 years anniversary should be! Stay tuned!

Festival's official site: www.potn-fest.com/