MORTEM ATRA: Confirmed for Power of the Night Festival 2015

Melodic Death/Doom Metal, straight from Limassol, MORTEM ATRA!!

Read the official announcement:
Another addition to this year’s Power of the Night Festival is Mortem Atra.The band was formed in November 2011 in Limassol, Cyprus. Even though they
have a few years of experience in the music field, they are excellent musicians and have managed to merge and combine their musical knowledge, and form the band. One of Mortem Atra’s main target was to create, produce and deliver to the Cyprus metal fun audience, a genre of metal music that was never being exposed to them before; an amalgamation of Melodic, Death and Doom elements. The main lyrical themes of the songs consist of internal strangles, anger & aggression, depression & sensitive, dark stories, and fairytale elements.

Band Members:
Takis Gorestoned –Vocals (ex-Frozen Illusion)
Chris Papadjiakou – Keyboard/Vocals
Marios Gavrielides – Rhythm and Lead guitar (ex-Frozen Illusion)
Valantis Paulou – Rhythm and Lead guitar
Tasos”Soul” – Drums
Aris Ioannou – Bass