Next band for Power of the Night X Festival, WAR DANCE

The Greek heavy metal band WAR DANCE, has been confirmed for Power of the Night X Festival 2015!

Read the official announcement:
The festival welcomes the heavy metallers, War Dance, who just released their full length debut album, Wrath for the Ages.  Known for their strong and quality live acts and opening for big names of the metal scene such as, Manilla Road, Warlord and SCANNER, they have managed to have an ever growing fan base. For 5 years , War Dance have been delivering their first album’s material not only in big festivals, but also in smaller venues and gigs.

Genre: Heavy Metal
Homebase: Athens

Δρες Ιωάννης – Bass
Λευτέρης Πλέτσης – Vocals
Τάσος Πανανουδάκης – Guitar
Δημήτρης Ρουβέλλας – Drums and Percussion
Θεολόγος Χατζηγρηγορίου – Guitar

They have shared the stage in various gigs along with:

UOP AIR Festival (Τρίπολη)
05/06/2010 & 06/06/2011
Planet of Zeus, Universe 217

7 Sins (Αθήνα)
Atlantean Kodex, Arrayan Path, Wrathblade

Κύτταρο (Αθήνα)
29/01/2012 & 14/10/2012 (Up the Hammers Festival)
Manilla Road, Emerald, Strikelight, Dark nightmare

Gagarin (Αθήνα)
27 & 28/04/2013
Warlord, Doomsword, Dexter Ward

ANclub (Αθήνα)
16/06/2013 & 29/12/2013 (Metal from Hellas)
Power crew, Strikelight, Scorcher, Chronomancy, Ice Flow

Metal Union (Αγρίνιο)

Κύτταρο CLub (Αθήνα)
Tyrant GB, 666 Packs

Eightball (Θεσσαλονίκη)
Scanner, Rampart

Ρομάντσο (Αθήνα)
Desert near the end, No flame candle

KooKoo (Αθήνα)
Crimson Fire

Κεντρική Πλατεία (Τρίκαλα)
Illusory, Sacral Rage, Oletir