ENDLESS RECOVERY: For the first time in Cyprus, at Power of the Night X Festival 2015

The Greek thrashers Endless Recovery are coming in Cyprus for the first time, at the 10th edition of Power of the Night Festival this summer.

Read the official announcement:

Endless Recovery is a Thrash Metal band from Greece formed in 2010. It wasn’t until 2012 that they released their first Demo/Ep entitled ”Liar Priest” which became sold out and offered the band to play some of it’s first bigger gigs with some of the best Greek underground metal acts such as Convixion, Mentally Defiled , Sacral Rage and more as well as the English maniacs Deceptor…

After many line-up changes their next step was to release their first full length album entitled ”Thrash Rider” through Eat Metal Records and Chaos Portal Collective on Cd format in 2013. ”Thrash Rider” had a really good feedback around the circles of underground thrashing maniacs around the world which led to it being self released on 150’s Lp’s which became sold out.

After the release of the album Endless Recovery played a lot of gigs around Greece(most notable gigs where the one in Trikala for Mind Over Metal Festival and in Larisa supporting Swedish Heavy Metal Heroes Enforcer) Their latest release is a 7” vinyl entitled ”Resistant Bangers” released in 2014 through Witches Brew. ”Resistant Bangers” consists of two fast and raging speed/thrashing songs in the vein of the ancient thrash masters. It drew lot of attention from the press leading to many reviews and interviews as well as some gigs in Athens and a chance to open for Thrash Metal Legends Razor in their upcoming first show in Athens in November 2015.

The band’s music is fast, uncompromising Thrash Metal, heavily influenced by the unholy teutonic trinity (Sodom,Kreator,Destruction) as well as bands like early Exodus, Razor, Show No Mercy era Slayer, Violent Force and more…. With full force as they are right now in the composing process of their second full length album they are more than ready to take the stage of Power Of The Night by storm and perform a Speed/Thrashing sacrifice for everyone who is present….

Thrash to Kill…..