HARDRAW: Confirmed for POTN X Festival 2015

Ten years Power of the Night, Ten years Hardraw!

Official announcement:
Hardraw is a Heavy Metal band from Nicosia, Cyprus which was formed back in 2005. The band plays Traditional Heavy Metal with a twist of Power Metal and Epic Metal deriving from influences obtained by band members over the years.
At the first stages of its formation the band went through various name changes, as well as line-up changes.

It was not up until around 2007 when the band had finalized its main core members and started performing live all over Cyprus, presenting their own powerful material!

Up to that point and for the next couple of years the band was performing in local music scenes and bars in Cyprus, building its following piece-by-piece within the Underground Heavy Metal scene of Cyprus. Its first tunes “Heavy Metal Union” and “Nights Dark Figures” were getting out to the fans and this gave the band the push it needed to take it to the next level and continue its course.

In the following years, the band will compose a number of songs (with an epic/power twist – however keeping its traditional heavy metal edge!), making more regular appearances in Cyprus soil. The band’s development during this time has drawn the attention of fans from abroad and promoters. To this respect, some successful gigs were performed in Athens that have been very promising and the band hopes that more are to follow in the years to come.

In overview, the band has up to now released a self-titled 7” vinyl on December 2011 and their debut album “Night of the Wolf” was self-released on July 2014.