TEROR: Confirmed for P.O.T.N. X Festival

The thrashers from Nicosia, have been confirmed for Power of the Night X Festival 2015!

Read the official announcement:

TEROR is a thrash metal TEROR-LOGOtrio formed in 2009. With influences from the 80s thrash metal and speed metal bands TEROR have created their own sound with the gang vocals and the heavy riffs coming straight from the old school .

With many live appearances TEROR has headlined many live shows and has opened up for bands such as Ross the Boss (with Scott Columbus), Marauder, Arryan Path, Enforcer and many more.

TEROR released their debut demo in 2010 (Ordered to Destroy) and a promo in 2014. The band also appeared on the CYPRUS METAL SCENE UNITED compilation CD released by Cy-Metal.com in 2011