MEMORIAM: Split with drummer and studio updates

Good and bad news from Memoriam.
The bad first. Memoriam's drummer, a founder member, Paolo Batista, is leaving the band after three years of existence. The good news, Memoriam's debut album is going well on studio recordings and is expected to be released on summer 2016.

Read the official announcement:

We are sorry to announce that nearly after 3 years of sitting behind the drumkit, Memoriam and drummer Paolo Batista split their ways. We would like to thank Paolo for his dedication and help since the formation of the band and wish him all the best for anything he attempts in the future.

In other news, we are really deep into the recording process for our first release which is set to be released this summer. We are very happy about this and working hard to give you the best we can with this release.

More information about the release will be announced soon!

Stay tuned and as our motto says, “Be expecting more!”

The current band's line-up is:
Vocals: Artemis Choutris
Bass & Vocals: Thirsos Makloklas
Guitars: Andreas Haggiandreou
Guitars: Panayiotis Chrysostomides