THE ICARUS COMPLEX: Horizons Of Endless Gray

The Icarus Complex, is a new uprising melodic/death metal band based in Cyprus. Members are, Alexis Yiangoullis (Guitar/Bass/Drums) from Cyprus and Adam Kamil Gola (Vocals) from Poland.

They have just released their first EP called "Horizons of Endless Gray" including 5 tracks.

01. ...and I Ascended
02. Tears Of The Sycophant
03. Achromatopsia
04. Final Paroxysms
05. Horizons Of Endless Gray

(scroll down for the lyrics)





They're all obstacles to conquer
But means to an end
The cycle never breaks
Dead set on making it work

Stop at nothing
So many left to please
A desperate need for gain
Clouding your vision
All things that can be bought
You got for smiles and lies
Playing your game of chess
You are not fooling me now

The sweetness on the surface
A ruse that never unravels
Cover your inner darkness
With masks of kindness
You are fool's gold to me
What you really are I can see
And by the end of this
You will be crying
(Like a bitch)

Tears of the sycophant
Sweet as wine
Tears of the sycophant
The lifeblood of deception

They're all obstacles to conquer
But means to an end
The cycle is breaking
Old tricks are ceasing to work

Stopped at nothing
Nobody left to please
A desperate need for gain
Led to your downfall
All things that could be bought
You got for smiles and lies
You've lost your game of chess
You are not fooling anyone


You speak to me of color
I fear what I don't understand
Your notions always elude me
In my eyes everything is the same

Forever unable to appreciate
The vivid flavor of life
Forever meant to see the world
Solely in black and white

For me
There is nothing out there to see
To me
And old picture is all I perceive
Achromatopsia is mine

Will there ever be
Something to give me back my wings
To rekindle the craving, to wake me from within
I can see but a shade of reality
A mere reflection, short a dimension is all there is for me
There's nothing there to feel
Nothing to expect
To care is one big struggle
I'm sinking in neglect
In a world so homogenous
Nothing feels incongruous
The affliction in my eyes
Is it a blessing in disguise

I want out
Out of this prison monochrome
You stay out
This is a burden to carry alone

This is my world of grayness
Like a bad dream in waking
Forever blind in daylight
To thrive at twilight



It's getting worse and worse
The final paroxysms
The torment still prolongs
Without a valid reason
The worst is still ahead
No way to turn your back now
You've taken all this bravely
Time for the final answer

Step up, take what's yours
Rip all your doubts apart now
Pull through with the final step
Destroy the uncertainty
Indecision is the enemy of all
Second-guessing is the disease to beat
Stand resolute, unshakeable
Soaring above on your wings of mist

All you see - overwhelming odds
Stand your ground or flee
(No other way to be complete)
Throw your shackles off, unlock the cell
Absolution is at hand
It's at hand

Discard the worthless, outdated blueprints
Shatter the useless broken prototypes

They never cared, they never tried to understand you
Short-sighted, selfish filth; wallowing in their cesspools
You don't want anything else, you'd never want anything else
Now it is time to at last restore your rightful place

All the chances that you've given
All the nothings you've received
It's gone on long enough
Long enough
Everything now hinges on your resolve
Will you give up or will you claim it all
It's long past time to act

Step up, you've got the tools
Do it now or regret it forever
Fearing the pitfall, not seeing the stairway
The quivering of your legs betrays you
We can never be all certain
But better an uncertain future
Than a dreadful present
To yearn for something greater
Sever the unnecessary

At last you're free
Finally awakened from this eerie dream
The battered corpses of your failures
Lie scattered and rotting in the fields
Just relics meant to be forgotten

Forget the failures
Augment the self
To do the right thing
It means rebirth


I am not like you
I never was like any of you

Slipping away
Avoiding the tension
It's always hardest
to cut oneself off
To wholly reject your
dreams of superiority
To wholly defy your
Tacit oppression

Unamused by your promises of happiness
Your vibrant world, the only obvious choice
I reject the weakness inherent
Your standards are of no consequence

Free of all love
Free of all loss
Hopefully surveying
These horizons of gray

Slipping away
Avoiding the stigma
Brand me a wretch
Is all you can do now
A weak comprehension
A tenuous grasp
Your hostility
I leave it behind me

Feed the prejudice
Shake your head, clench your teeth

The final amends
I care not to make
The dissonance sets in
You punish yourself
Just letting it go
Will not occur to you
As darkness descends
We go our separate ways

Everything I know
Everything I want to see
Everything I care for
These horizons of endless gray