TITANS OF METAL: Important announcement regarding presale tickets

Important announcement from Pitch Black Records, regarding the presale tickets for Titans of Metal show in Cyprus.

As originally announced, the discounted pre-sale tickets are only available for a limited time. Those tickets will only be available until Wednesday December 2 midnight. After this date any remaining pre-sale tickets will be withdrawn from all pre-sale locations as well as online and they will not become available again. Anyone who has asked their local pre-sale location to reserve tickets for them should go and get them before the above mentioned date as any unpaid reservations will also be withdrawn. Reminding again that the pre-sale price is 35EUR / 50EUR (for VIP) and normal price will be 45EUR / 60EUR (for VIP).

Pre-sale locations:

Neverland Rock Bar
Rocka Rolla Wizard Rock Bar
Rock City Bar

Kingston Rock City
Mallon Glykis Coffee Shop
Musical Paradise (Linopetra)
Musical Paradise (Polemidia)
Tepee Strictly Rock

Kattos Music Store

Online: http://j.mp/titanscyprus