ANGELO PERLEPES’ MYSTERY: Confirmed for Power of the Night XI Festival 2016

Neoclassical metal from Greece since 1986.

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The only band that represents the Neo-Classical Metal in Hellas , “born” in 1986. Founder member ANGELO PERLEPES (guitar) along with ANGELO RIGOPOULOS (vocals), TERRY KAGELIDES (bass), JIM KONTOS (drums) & ANDREW ROUPAS (keyboards) after many appearances in clubs and open festivals, recorded their first single “MYSTERY” for the compilation LP “GREECE ATTACKS” (FM RECORDS) which was released in 1989.

During the years 1989 – 1991 the band played in several places in Hellas and with their new singer GEO FASKIOTIS, released their first LP “MYSTERY” ( WIPE OUT RECORDS) the last week of 1991 along with two video clips, “Mystery” and “Burning Eyes” (live version).
Concerts took place in every club or festival in Athens and rest of Hellas , during the years 1991 – 1994 as headliners. In 1996, with new members, TAKIS AVRAMOPOULOS (bass), ANGELO ASSIMAKOPOULOS (drums) & KYRIAKOS SOUROUNIS (keyboards), they recorded their first two singles, “WORSHIP THE NIGHT” and “TALES… OF THE UNEXPECTED”, from the second album for the Hellenic magazine METAL HAMMER’s “HAMMER HOLOCAUST II & III” – CD compilations.

During the years 1995 – 1998 they played in every club and festival & many TV appearances, and with new members, CHRIS PAPADOPOULOS (vocals), JOHN RAPTIS (keyboards) and LAMBIS KASTANAS (drums), they started recording their second album “TALES…” (UNISOUND RECORDS), which was released in 1999, along with a video clip “Tales… Of The Unexpected”. The “TALES…” tour lasted one year with the band playing almost everywhere, as well as an opening act on RIOT’s Athenian live show (at BUG Club). They recorded also the first single, “NEVER ENDING FLAME”, for the 3 rd album which was included in Hellenic magazine METAL INVADER’s “GREEK METAL UP YOUR ASS” – CD Compilation (January 2001).

With new members, DIMITRIS SIRGIANNIS (vocals) and JOHN CHRISTOPOULOS (drums), they started recording the third album “FATAL PASSION”. The album was released in 2001 from STEEL GALLERY RECORDS, along with the video clip “Neverending Flame”. Concerts took place for the “Fatal Passion” tour and supporting this time on ANVIL’s first time live performance in Athens , Hellas (at AN Club).
The band recorded three demo songs for the forthcomin’ album “DESTINY” and released a 7” vinyl single out of them, entitled “Into The Realms Of Chaos” (September 2002), under the flag of METAL ON METAL RECORDS. ANGELO PERLEPES (guitar) and DIMITRIS SIRGIANNIS (vocals) participated on a special project under the name MORTAL AFFAIR against drug abuse, with the title “Stream Of Nothing” (DIKTYO) in Spring of 2003.

The band start to perform live warm-up shows, before entering the studio. One of them was an opening act on the URIAH HEEP’s Athenian concert (at GAGARIN 205 Club). The fourth album entitled “DESTINY” was released on March 10th 2004, available through LJYL RECORDS distributed worldwide by LJYL RECORDS.Concerts took place in clubs and festivals following the album’s release as a headliner and as opening act for M.S.G., Anvil, Riot, etc…

In 2006 the band released an anniversary compilation entitles “Mysteriology”, in order to celebrate the 20th year of its existence. Among other tracks 2 new were included (“Wizards of the western coast” and “Visions will find their way”) from the forth coming new album “Spelled by Fire”.

After 8 years of inactivity, the band returned to live performances like special appearance with 70’s greek proto-metallers Vavoura Band and has been part of the ‘Rock You to Hell II’ Festival with bands like Praying Mantis, Grim Reaper, Q5, Persian Risk and more and participated in Warlord’s tribute album with the track “Child of the damned”, as well as in Riot’s tribute album with the track “Sign of the crimson storm”. The season 2014-2015 ended with the band being special guest for the 3rd time in RIOT V’s Athenian concert.

ANGELO PERLEPES: All Guitars, Backing Vocals, Bass Pedals
DIMITRIS SIRGIANNIS: Lead & Backing Vocals
Additional memders
JOHN RAPTIS: Hammond, Mini Moog, Piano, Synths
MARIA PERLEPES: Backing Vocals

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