TITANS OF METAL: Show in Cyprus is cancelled due to the low number of presale tickets sold

It is trully sad that the biggest event of the year in Cyprus, has to be cancelled.
The reason? -The low number of presale tickets that have been sold.

Read the official announcement of Pitch Black Records:

We sadly have to announce that the Cyprus leg of the Titans of Metal show is cancelled.

Yes, we could claim some typical excuse like “technical reasons” but the real honest truth is that the cancellation is purely due to the low number of tickets sold during the presale period. A number which the main organiser, our great friends ProgStage Productions (they really are a lovely bunch of folks) have quite understandably and reasonably deemed as unsatisfactory as this show is not your average show and it's quite a high production.

We are aware that for various reasons a lot of people did not “believe” that this truly unique and historic event was actually going to happen while others also thought this was some kind of a scam and have spread rumours around. Obviously they don’t know us and our history to think that we would ever try to scam people and we can’t help but express our utter disappointment towards those people as they have without a doubt contributed towards sealing the fate of this event taking place in Cyprus. When December 17th comes, after it has successfully completed in Israel, with videos and reviews starting to appear, we’re pretty certain everyone will believe in it and not think it was a scam.

In any case, moving forward. We would like to say a huge thanks to all those who did believe in this event and rushed to get a presale ticket. To show our appreciation, we’ve got SUPER SPECIAL treatment for ya so read on! Apart from getting your FULL refund you will also be receiving a free CD from the Pitch Black Records catalogue, AS WELL AS…

1. A draw will be held out of everyone who has already purchased a ticket and one lucky winner will be flown to Israel to attend the Titans of Metal show there with all expenses paid! Those interested in taking part in this draw should state their interest by emailing info@pitchblackrecords.com until December 8th, with their:

- name and age
- telephone number
- ticket value and number
- location where the ticket was purchased
You must be 18 or over and able and willing to travel the afternoon of December 17th and return the early morning of December 18th. The draw will be held on December 10th and the lucky winner will be announced the same day.

2. EVERYONE who purchased a presale ticket will have free entrance to the Titans of Metal show in Israel on December 17th (although travel expenses will need to be covered by them). Those interested in taking advantage of this offer should again state their interest by emailing info@pitchblackrecords.com by December 10th with the above details.

REFUNDS: those who purchased their tickets online will receive their refund within 24 hours without any further steps required from their part. Everyone else should visit the presale location where they purchased their tickets from and kindly note their name, phone number and email address on the ticket before returning it. For any problems please email info@pitchblackrecords.com.
We are very sorry to everyone, especially those who rushed to get a presale ticket, as well as to those who had every good intention to get their ticket at the door (we know there are a lot of you), but as you know it’s not always up to the organiser in order for an event to fully go through. Maybe next year.


  1. did anyone get their refund?? i still haven't!!!


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