GANG (FR) : Confirmed for Power of the Night XI Festival 2016

Heavy/thrash metal from France!

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GANG, originally known as GUSH X, started in 1990, and between 1993 and 2010 released 5 albums and bunch of demos. Last of them titled “V”, released in 2010 by Emanes Metal Records, kind of predicted what will happen with GANG in the next decade: they will be furious Heavy Metal machine! Between 2010 and 2013 focused on extensive touring, and played their first tour in 10 years. “The Skulls Out Of Tour” (2010-2011) placed GANG on several stages and festivals in countries such as France and Denmark. In 2012 the band released the “HM-666%” EP, where their paid tribute to their heroes, and where they placed cover songs of acts such as SAXON, SCORPIONS, BLACK SABBATH, MOTORHEAD and MERCYFUL FATE. Their next tour named “Heavy Metal Road Tour” (2012-2013) was summed up with the live CD/DVD titled “Heavy Metal Road 666”.

In 2014 band released their 6th studio album titled “Inject The Venom”, where they showed their Heavy Metal devotion: based on catchy melodies and powerful guitar riffs, the album takes us back to the ’80s, and analogue way of recordings. The album was made without triggers, digital editing or guitar amp simulators. Instead of this we hear precise and intense Heavy Metal recorded with real drums and real guitar playing. The album includes 11 new songs, and cover version of the TOKYO BLADE classic “If Heaven Is Hell” feat. TOKYO BLADE singer as special guest. The album contains catchy and itense songs such as “Primal Reign” or “Edge Of Time”, SAXON and early RIOT inspired mid tempo tracks such as “All Of The Damned” or “Chaos For Glory”, epic JUDAS PRIEST compatibile tracks such as “The King Became A God” or “State Of Disgrace”, and the instrumental track titled “Midnight”. All of this blended with typical British touch and twin guitar parts comparable to classic TOKYO BLADE tracks, and marked with intense and catchy riffs and high pitched vocals.

GANG renewed and refreshed Heavy Metal, and “Inject The Venom” show what does it mean to play with passion and dedication. Despite obvious references such as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST or SAXON, “Inject The Venom” is a piece of high energy Heavy Metal, and includes bunch of pounding top Metal anthems. GANG already shared the stage with their old heroes such as TOKYO BLADE, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, GIRLSCHOOL, HOLOCAUST or Y&T, and played on regular basis with French cult acts such as VULCAIN, ADX, BLASPHEME, ATTENTAT ROCK or KILLERS, and hottes Metal newcomers such as RAM, SKULL FIST, MPIRE OF EVIL (ex-VENOM) or GHOST.

The band is about to release a new live album called “Live is All”, recorded at the SOS Festival 2014, in Manchester, Radcliffe, UK.

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