GRAVE DIGGER: Headliners for Power of the Night XI Festival 2016

The headliners for Power of the Night XI Festival, this July 2016, have been announced yesterday at POTN's annihilation night at Rocka Rolla. The biggest name, so far, that ever played in that festival, the mighty GRAVE DIGGER.

Read the official announcement:

We are delighted to announce that the headliner of Power Of The Night XI will be GRAVE DIGGER!

In the glorious ’80s, the heavy metal scene re-formed in Germany. Apart from the domestic Krautrock scene and the two flagship bands Scorpions and Accept, the German Metal scene did not much to offer in the early 80s … but then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes the “Second Wave of German Heavy Metal” was born. It was the birth of many German bands whose names still dominate the scene: Helloween, Rage, Kreator and of course GRAVE DIGGER!

The young band from Gladbeck began their career in November 1980. At this time the Ruhr area was said to be the central hotspot of heavy metal and the young band produced a classic for the ages just with their very first album. “Heavy Metal Breakdown” remains an anthem for generations to this day, “Witch Hunter” and “War Games” other classics, but with the ominous “Digger- project the band disappeared for several years. In 1991, the band truly began to embrace their strengths and talent, which was celebrated with the release of their stormy comeback album “The Reaper”. This was followed by classic albums such as “Heart of Darkness” and the medieval trilogy “Tunes of War, Knights of the Cross and Excalibur.” At the end of 2000, Uwe Lulis left the band and was replaced by Manni Schmidt (ex Rage). With the album “The Grave Digger”, the band released their darkest work to date, that was inspired by the classic hard & metal albums of the 70s. In 2005, the band celebrated its 25th anniversary with a highly acclaimed show in Sao Paulo (“25 to Live”). In 2009 Schmidt left the band and was replaced by Axel “Ironfinger” Ritt.

With Axel Ritt the band returned to their classical roots. The follow-up to “Tunes of War” “The Clans Will Rise Again” was released and this marked the beginning of a 2-year tour under the banner of the Scottish Highlands. This included the highly acclaimed concert for their 30th anniversary and VD release “The Clans Are Still Marching “. With “Clash of the Gods” the final concept album was released in 2012.

After touring extensively around the world, the band started work on a new album in 2013. They wanted it to be heavy and fresh, to demonstrate exactly what the band is about and why they still enjoy a leading role in the metal scene. “Return of the Reaper” is the title of the new album, which was produced at Principal Studios by Chris Boltendahl, Axel Ritt and Jörg Umbreit. With songs like “Bright Funeral”, “Wargod”, “Tattoed Rider” and “Season of the Witch” showcase Chris Boltendahl, Jens Becker, Stefan Arnold, Axel Ritt and HP Cat Castle as the amazing musicians they are and once again why they are still on the top after 34 long years.

RETURN OF THE REAPER … dynamic, powerful, simple and unique. These are the trademarks of a band that never ceased to believe in themselves, for over three decades. In their unique way, the band has experienced all the ups and downs and are now ready to release an absolute classic in the field of classic metal with RETURN OF THE REAPER!!


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