TEMPLE OF EVIL: Confirmed for Power of the Night XI Festival 2016

The black metallers Temple of Evil, have been confirmed for Power of the Night XI Festival, this summer 2016.

Read the official announcement:

Temple of Evil was summoned into existence in mid­ 2008 during an unhallowed congregation performed to express its philosophy and its main ideology as it is influenced by personal esoteric thoughts which enlighten its monks to embody them into their unorthodox vision. The Temple has recently created its first opus baptized as “The 7th Awakening” via Deathhammer Records.

Arkhon Sakrificer:­ Unholy Chants and 4­String Conjuration
Nekrocurse: 6 ­String Thorned Whip and Skeletal Keys
Apethantos: 6­ String Morbid Echoes of Necromancy
Angelwhore: Leather of Putrefied Skin

band on fb: facebook.com/templeofevilband
on bandcamp: templeofevil.bandcamp.com