Review: SOLAR EAGLE - s/t EP (1988)

Country: Canada
Genre: Power/Speed Metal
Release Year: 1988
Label: Self-released
Format: 12'' EP

Well, after a long while I decided to write some words for one of the most emotional bands in the history of the undrerground Metal---ladies and gentlemen, here we have Solar Eagle from Ontario! For sure, a ”hate it, or love it” band who back at their time were completely ignored, and despised by many…and it is a shame that some of them after many years, and only when they became mythical and legendary amongst the collectors cause of the rarity and the huge value of their EP decided to give them a second chance and all of a sudden, S.A. became their top favorite band…but that makes some sense cause their music is very hard to comprehend, just because they are a difficult band, with deep and complicated lyrics, and an unusual vocal style that many find peculiar and hard to digest( personally, I adore Smash’s voice!) Their style isn’t for the people who want to stay on the surface, and cannot dig further….so, what I want to say is, that if someone wants to have a complete idea of their music, he must spend several hours of listening!

Attempting to describe the grandeur of the Canadians is an extremely hard work, their uncompromising Steel created many question marks to their haters and lovers through the years. Back in the 80s, with one demo and one EP they created their own Legacy, despite the rough circumstances that accounted back at that time for the creation of a quite unknown and underrated band who was trying to make its first footsteps without much support and help from the music industry. So the story goes, and back in 1988 they broke the mold with their innovative same titled E.P. that was far ahead of the expectations of the average Metalhead, and his thoughts. Intense release, which contained 4 compositions, true dynamites, with deep lyrics, strong riffs, and unique vocals that many found weird just because they weren’t familiar with that style…but, as I wrote previously, Solar Eagle is a difficult band, not for everyone…

1. See – Powerful and harsh intro with wild riffs and solos to follow, and an even more ferocious voice to wake up our senses. Vicious solos and a testimony of the soul through a fierce storm of angry solos that make my mind escape…who can decipher the difficult message of S.A.---just open your “eyes” and…SEE!! A true manifest of raw power, with those unreal vocals to destroy any doubt that this Man escaped from another dimension!

2. Dimensional Charter - Melodic, atmospheric intro that prepares the listener for the emotional tide that will follow. And Smash changes his style into more ”straight in your face” this time…clear and strong, he is unfolding all of his talent, and the massive riffs follow to add an ethereal melancholy full of wrath and anger that in some parts slows down as if somebody wants to make the torment even more slow, and send your heart into a permanent exile…melody and feeling electrify the air, and the fandom of War is on the loose and searching for the weak…those who won’t understand…beware!

3. Tree Of Snakes – Bass and guitar fight and give the prelude for what will follow…and the dignified voice invades, taking us back into another place and time, and raging solos strike…a never ending struggle between sanity and insanity follows and who will prevail in the end??

4. Lost Season - A whirlwind of strong feelings came to take possession of my Soul…that voice, is the stone that falls into the lake of my soul, and I’ll never be the same again…difficult to describe the mix of emotions that flood my existence while listening to that anthem of pure lyrical perfection…and the sharp riffs tear your flesh apart…power, and wild pleasure come to fill you with millions of thoughts…another change to turn into your initial calm…till the journey will start again, and tears fill my eyes…no matter how many years will pass the feeling is the same….Dragon flies sweep by with their ease, caught in the tides ride…the trees swaying in a tribal breeze, centers amid the ring, bringing forth its Tide….

The “continuation” of Solar Eagle were Candle Opera (with Rob and Pinocchio) with one awesome demo in 1992, but a bit different style.

And as a fan of S.A. for more than 15 years, I can tell that the feeling that they give me is always the same since the very first time I listened to their divine tunes, I supported them strongly when everyone else laughed and told me that they were average…average souls only cannot understand the Magic of this Band that will Live forever in my heart…

P.S: DON’T SUPPORT THE BOOTLEGGERS AND BUY THE COMPI FROM SKOL RECORDS…if you don’t have already the E.P. or the demo in original format, it is better to have this compi than to support bootlegs…so beware…

Kiki Vavouraki
February 2016