METHYSOS: Confirmed for Power of the Night XI Festival

The folkers from Limassol, have been confirmed for Power of the Night XI Festival 2016.

Read the official announcement:

MethysOs is a Folk Metal band from Limassol, Cyprus. The founders of this band are George ‘Satyr0s’, Dem and Mario “Kenji”. The band was formed in 2011 and they released their demo “Beyond Myths and Legends” in March 2012.

In July 2012 they had their first appearance at the “Metal 2 the Masses” where they were achieved the 2nd place. Since then, they have performed several gigs in Limassol and Nicosia, including the Armageddon Reunion, with Mnemic and Uriah Heep at the RockOut fest and with Clepto, during their Cyprus tour…

The idea of the band name was inspired from their imaginary fellow friend, Trollmate, who acts as their muse and also steals all of their booze (maybe yours too). They describe their music as Trollish Folk Metal with boozed epic sounds. They try to awaken old, legendary fairytales and their lyrical theme is about myths and legends. MethysOs want the audience to dance to their music, along with the headbanging. So grab a pint and join them!

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