Power of the Night 2016: School Band Competition

Power of the Night festival, is organising a competition for school bands, so the band will open one of the three days of the festival.

Date: 14/May/2016
Place: Rocka Rolla Wizard
Time: 19:00
Entrance: 5 EUR

Competition Rules:
- The band's music has to fit in the Metal Genre (since Power of the Night is a Metal Festival)

- The band must have at least two members still attending school.

- The band must perform up to 3 songs.

- We want to listen to your music so at least two out of the three songs have to be YOUR songs and not covers.

- In case a band has to cancel its performance for any reason, should let the P.O.T.N. CREW know that at least one week before the competition.

For all the bands out there interested in joining this competition, you can let the P.O.T.N. CREW know by sending a message on our facebook page: facebook.com/Powerofthenightfestival/ or our official email powerofthenight@hotmail.com Make sure you send us the titles of the songs you have chosen.