MEMORIAM: Confirmed for "Power of the Night" XII Festival 2017

A few days before the release of their debut album, the band has been confirmed for the Power of the Night XII Festival, on Summer 2017!

Read the official announcement:
Formed in the island of Cyprus somewhen in 2012, MEMORIAM are still eager to continuously write new material and plan gigs in both their homeland and abroad. Their style of play which fuses some melodic aspects along with the old-school death metal atmosphere contributed towards MEMORIAM having that unique sound. Additionally, MEMORIAM’s songs are destined to differ from one another as each of them tells a different story and so the band felt it necessary for the lyrics to acompany the music and vice versa. With the concept of both political and religious corruption, to cases of hero syndrome, human ignorance and arrogance they are looking to pinpoint and cauterize the human psyche. After releasing a single titled “SATED BULL” in the summer of 2014 and later on having to overcome some hurdles due to some changes to their line up, they ultimately entered the studio with great excitment in order to start recording their first debut album in late 2015 with the help of friends.

MEMORIAM’s debut album titled “RAVAGED APPROACH” will be released in the midst of Autumn 2016. The album complied by 5 songs represents their early writtings as well as the progression to their songwriting and skills.

MEMORIAM are promising a different outcome in almost every new song from here and on as their motto says, “Be expecting more!”.

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