TEMPLE OF EVIL: Confirmed for "Rites of the Black Mass II" Festival, Bucharest Romania

Dates: 19-21/October/2017
Place: Quantic Club (Bucharest, Romania)

Great news for the Cypriot black metalles TEMPLE OF EVIL. After their two live shows in Greece, they announced their participation to the "Rites of the Black Mass II" festival in Romania.

Confirmed bands so far:
Impaled Nazarene (fi)
Misþyrming (is)
Aosoth (fr)
Schammasch (ch)
Acherontas (gr)
Cult of Fire (cz)
Blaze of Perdition (pl)
Pseudogod (ru)
Fides Inversa (it)
Darvaza (it/no)
Shrine of Insanabilis (de)
Ars Veneficium (be)
Voltumna (it)
Mortis Mutilati (fr)
Infernal Angels (it)
Temple of Evil (cy)
Warhammer (gr)