KHRYSAOR (CY) : Changing their name to, TARTARUM

Two years after the release of "Chaos", band's debut album, only the 2 original members are still active in the band, Alexis and Kotsios. So now, they make a new start by renaming the band to Tartarum. More info about the upcoming album soon.

Read the official announcement:
It's been 2 years since our debut album "Chaos" came out. A bit after that, our singer/bassist Thirsos and drummer Paolo left the band for their personal reasons. Since then it's been a challenge to write new material just the two of us (Alexis and Kotsios) but I can say that we did pretty good. So we decided it was time for a fresh start and rename the band from "KHRYSAOR" to "TARTARUM". More information about the upcoming album, and the band in general will be posted gradually.
Thank you for your support so far.. \m/