FROZEN WINDS - Debut album "Necromantic Arts" via Deathhammer Records

Formed 11 years ago (2007) in Limassol, the Cypriot black metallers FROZEN WINDS are about to release their debut album "NECROMANTIC ARTS" on March 23rd 2018 through Deathhammer Records.

Read Deathhammer Records' official announcement:

DEATHHAMMER RECORDS proudly presents its upcoming release [DHR012] ‘Necromantic Arts’, the
long-anticipated debut album of Frozen Winds (Cyprus).
Frozen Winds released their first demo ‘Luciferian Calls’ in 2009 and their EP ‘Prophets with Distorted
Faces’ in 2011. An album in the making for the past 7 years, ‘Necromantic Arts’ emerges, an obscure
and conjuring force, invoking the occult arts into existence.
‘Necromantic Arts’ embraces a dark ambience, augmented through the magickal chants, the acuminous
guitars, bass and thumping drums. The album is going to be released on 23 March 2018 and is going
to be limited to 300 copies.

Artwork by Temple of Flesh.

Necromantic Arts:
- Martyria
- The Watcher (Bandar)
- Fire God
- Seven Astral Gates
- Fifty Names
- Abomination Divine
- Paternal Triumvirate
- Necromantic Arts


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