JOAKEM - "Mind Matter" Album Presentation - Live at Diachroniki (22 DEC 2018)

Date: 22/December/2018 (Saturday)
Place: Diachroniki (Nicosia)
Time: 22:30
Entrance: 06 EUR

Special Guest:

Joakem's debut progressive rock album "Mind Matter" will be presented at Ravens Music Hall with special guests Monk FX.

Joakem (Stelios Ioakim) is a Cyprus based composer, singer and keyboardist whose music is a blend of intricate melodies, complex time signatures, heavy synth sounds, crushing guitar riffs, atmospheric themes and diverse vocals.
Originally a classical pianist from the age of 6, Joakem started expanding his skills after becoming a member of several bands since 2009, some of which are active to this day. He gradually evolved to become a sound-exploring keyboardist, vocalist and composer with influences ranging from progressive rock, metal, ambient, classical, jazz and fusion music.
He gained international publicity after being the finalist of The Voice of Greece, taking second place. In February of 2018 he released his first solo work, the progressive rock single called “The Path” followed by his second single released in November 2018 titled “Generation Z”. On December 7th 2018 he will release his debut 8 track album, titled “Mind Matter”.

Isla Fortuna is a 3 piece rock band formed in Larnaca, Cyprus in 2013 with the purpose of creating original music. Music that is a combination of heavy rock riffs, psychedelic and atmospheric elements, incorporating influences from a diverse background of music genres, including desert, progressive rock and trip hop. Isla Fortuna has the vision to combine old and new musical elements with an ever-expanding experimentation on sound and compositions.
Since its inception, Isla Fortuna has spent 5 years between Cyprus and the United Kingdom, sometimes with its members living in different countries. The band stayed together despite the distance and kept working on compositions, defining their sound. During late 2017, the band went in the studio to record their debut album, Verity, which includes 8 songs.
The band’s members are Lykourgos Xenophontos, guitars, Nikolas Fournaris, bass and vocals, and Stephanos Eliopoulos on the drums.