R.U.S.T. - Metal Child

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Genre: Heavy Metal
Type: Single
Year: 2010
Label: Self-Release
01. Metal Child


01. Metal Child

Night - The night now is falling
Wild - The wild is calling me
Child of Metal hear my warning
Fight to be forever free

Living in the night, creature of the wild
Fighting for my dreams I'm forever free

I'm a Metal Child - (Rising in the Night)
the gates we're storming
I'm a Metal Child - (Ready for a Fight)
the wild is calling
I'm a Metal Child - (Running in the Wild)
oh, hear my warning
Metal Child

Don't Search - Don't try to find the answers
Dream - Just dream a better world
Hear the call of this music
Metal will live forevermore

Metal's what we breath and leather is our skin
Spikes and chains as one
that's the way it'a always been

Oh, hear my warnings now, Metal Child
Oh, hear me calling you, Metal Child