R.U.S.T.X. Profile

GENRE: Heavy Metal
FORMED: 2004
LABEL: Unsigned
George Xanthou (Bass, Vocals)
Panagiotis Xanthou (Guitars, Vocals)
Giannis Xanthou (Drums, Vocals)
Katerina Xanthou (Keyboards, Vocals)

R.U.S.T.X is the continuation of R.U.S.T. and they welcome you to a never ending metal/rock fantasy.
R.U.S.T. formed in 2003 (then known as Flames in Ice) with the pure purpose of playing Traditional 80's Heavy Metal, following the footsteps of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Warlord, Savatage, Stormwitch, Riot, etc.
Panayiotis Xanthou and Adamos Adamou on the Guitars, George Xanthou on the bass , Tasos Karonias vocals and Andreas Kallis on the Drums.
R.U.S.T. have been a live active band in the island of Cyprus and Europe for many years now. Some of the highlights during their career where opening performances for legendary heavy metal bands such as DARK QUARTERER,PRAYING MANTIS,SABBATON,OMEN, TOKYO BLADE, PAUL DI ANNO, MARAUDER, ROSS THE BOSS & SCOTT COLUMBUS,BONFIRE and also participating in festivals in Greece like UP THE HAMMERS and ROCK YOU TO HELL festival. In addition, they are proud co-organizers (along with Hardraw and the rest of the P.O.T.N. Crew) of the annual Power of the Night Metal Festival. And of course, delivering live performances whenever possible!
In the summer of 2007 R.U.S.T. released their first EP at the 2nd “Power of the Night Festival” with Achilleas on the Drums .In December 2007 Panayiotis and George youngest brother, John took the place on the drums.
In 2010 their first single, Metal Child, was ready to be released, and at the 6th Power of the Night Festival in 2011, “Forged in the Fire of Metal” was officially out. R.U.S.T.'s first full length album.
In November 2012 the first official video clip, METAL CHILD, was released.
Through the years R.U.S.T became known for their powerful songs and energetic stage performance, with unique acts that include motorcycles, flaming anvils, the rising of the phoenix, smashing guitars, and even theatrical acts on stage.
During 2014, Tasos (Vocals) and Adamos (guitars) had to unfortunately leave the band due to personal reasons, thus creating a pause time for R.U.S.T.
That’s when R.U.S.T.X were born, consisting of George, Panayiotis and John Xanthou, along with an additional band member, their sister Katerina Xanthou. Katerina's addition marks a new era for R.U.S.T.X, adding more progressive melodies for the new born hard and heavy metal band. The main characteristic of the band is the four different voice variations that when combined, they create something truly unique.
R.U.S.T.X released a three song EP, called Destiny Riders, in the summer of 2015, at Power of the Night Festival. After its release, a series of concerts and festival shows followed up, both in Cyprus and abroad. These shows gave the opportunity for R.U.S.T.X to share the stage with some of the bands that had influenced R.U.S.T.X throughout the years (RIOT V, LOUDNESS, BONFIRE, PRAYING MANTIS, PICTURE, TOKYO BLADE etc).
In August 2016, the band took a big leap by deciding to travel all the way to Piombino, Italy, to record T.T.P.M at Woodstock recording studio. After arriving to the studio the band realized from the beginning that this was going to be an unforgettable experience. Under the guiding hand of Andreas Ramaccioti and Alex, R.U.S.T.X where finally able to bring their story by TRAVELLING THROUGH PARALLEL MINDS .
The album release was in 14th of January 2017.
R.U.S.T.X made their first European tour in Italy , Greece , Uk , Cyprus , France spreading T.T.P.M
In the summer of 2018 went to Piombino again to record their next album Center of the Universe. The band is currently exchanging messages with their producer Andrea Ramaccioti about the final mixing and mastering. Center of the Universe is expected in 2019 to be released.
Artwork of the album is Chris Achileos. A worldwide famous painter and illustrator who specializes in fantasy artwork and glamour illustration.
Stay tuned for more info in our website.

T.T.P.M. Full-Length Self-Release 2017
Destiny Riders EP Self-Release 2015
Forged in the Fire of Metal Full-Length Self-Release 2011
Metal Child Single Self-Release 2010
R.U.S.T. Demo Self-Release 2007