SOULSTEAL - Mirror Is A Lonely Place

Band: SoulSteal
Mirror is a Lonely Place
Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
Year: 2009
Label: Self Release

01. The Spiteful Gloat

02. Seeds of Solution

03. Salvation

04. Feel the Lie

05.  Diffraction (instrumental)


01. The Spiteful Gloat

Those who painted their sky
Who think they stole the night
and the inner side of life of an alibi...

The purity of what is real
The texture… the appeal...
It s the nature they want to steal
But it’s still a life they won’t ever feel


Usually they sit and wait
In their shelter, with jealousy and faith
Till the purity appears to them
Then comes the disembowel

Even those who managed and stole
the purity of true things untold
those treacherous, lusty souls
who show the human spiteful gloat

They will never be like the ones
who purely, innocently dance
with the gift of virtue at a glance
..maybe once in a million chance

The nature of what is real
Is irreplaceable, is not for steal
Its imitation is even more fake
in this world of gloat and mistakes

02. Seeds Of Solution

For once more I entered the scene
For a darker, treacherous play
Feeling the cold passing my feet
Feeling their lives passing away

Shocking images of time
Shouting in a hatred dream
Shelters no longer exist
Should I tell them what I mean?

The seeds of my own solution
The needs are complicated in conclusion

Heal those wounds if you can
Hear the screams of the dead men
Help them - it’s gonna be fun
Hold out for a better plan

It’s time to get out of the scene
Stop this bright and treacherous play
For these lives no longer exist;
Much better than nothing to say

03. Salvation

In your eyes, I m lost..
Take me away, get away; into dust

Covered in lust
a fake disease
Intrusion in mind
Not what it seems

Burning tears
Of empathy
And fallen years

In your eyes
Release... there’s a life as we die..
Disease, in your eyes....
Spread your wings and fly

04. Feel The Lie

In a life of sin
no longer waiting
the fear of dying alone

when you taste me again
you’ll feel the end
…it’s right just through your door

even if your lie is strongly fading
whenever I may fail
even if your eyes are so in pain
in a face of what remains


When the first and the last
And the philosophy
of a greater journey
that the vision made

When the city wakes
in a 'nowhere' lake
when the passion leads to the lie

even if your lie is strongly fading
whenever i may fail
even if your eyes are so in pain
in a face of what remains

05. Diffraction