Genre: Death Metal
Hometown: Nicosia
Panos Larkou (Guitars)
George Yildizian (Guitars)
Khatch Yildizian (Vocals/Bass)
Hugo Enrique Olivos (Drums)
Rotting Life EP 2009
Igniting Chaos Full-Length 2012
Vomitile is a Death metal band from Cyprus that was established in the early summer of 2007 by Khatch Yildizian and Panos Larkou.

After a numerous amount of live shows and some line up changes Vomitile entered the studio in 2009 with their previous line up ( Panos Larkou - Guitars, Khatch Yildizian - Bass, Yiannis Gregoiou - Vocals, Mustafa Tangul - Drums) to record there first self financed and self released 7 track EP, Rotting Life.

Just shortly after the year 2010 and the recording of the Rotting Life EP, Mustafa Tangul was dismissed from his duties on the drums due to personal reasons. However Vomitile didnt give up and decided to move on and replace him with a new and more powerful drummer. After a few weeks of searching, the band found the missing link. His name was Hugo, a Death Metal drummer hailing from Mexico! The band also decided to recruit a second guitarist. That person is the twin brother of the band's bassist, George Yildizian.

After almost two years of constant live shows and writing new material the band decided to enter the studio for there first full length album which is scheduled to be released in early/mid 2012.
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