Genre: Thrashcore / Groove Metal
Hometown: Limassol

Low D. (Vocals/Bass)
Gabriel (rhythm & lead guitars)
Andreas (Drums)


Low D. and Chris Michlis formed the band, being called originally Marathon. That changed soon though due to another band synonymy.
(in 1993) Deano J. Symeonides joined forces as a lead and rhythm guitar player. From the beginning they have always played original songs. They were simply not interested in being just another cover band.
They also recorded a 7 song demo tape ("Scotoma" 1994).
They recorded another two demo tapes ("Outside the slaughter house" 1995 and "Realife" 1996) and gave live shows that people still remember about them. Despite their young age they manage to turn some heads.
They have released their first CD single ("Desert Fish" 1997) from LSD records, including "Realife" demo tape as a bonus. By then their sound was really weird for some, but they were keep evolving.
Sadly though (in 1998), co-founder drummer left the band to form Defacer (a live act with a more thrash-focus sound). They have tried to find a replacement at that time, but the facts showed that they couldn't continue this thing going on. It was time to move forward in general than stay foot.

At this time around, Scotoma members didn't stayed inactive at all. They created
and played in several projects with friends or solo material etc.

In late 2003 they decided to give it another shot. Picking up the band, not where they had left it, but at a place much higher in the metal scene.
With a new drummer on board (Andreas), they recorded some old tracks on a promo CD ("I want to fly" 2004) so they could kick-start from somewhere and make the reunion a reality.
After a year though, they left without a guitar player and got two young musicians (Gabriel on guitars and Christy on keys) to help them out with some new tracks. During summer/autumn they enter the studio once again starting the recordings and production of their upcoming (and last) CD (“Killing the machine” 2007).
They have released the long awaited Scotoma new tracks on an EP format, that has sold twice as much as we ever did before! And by late 2008 Low D. had 3 different types of record deal offers in his hands!

Early 2009:
Unfortunately the line up was still incomplete for several months and things naturally drove to a dead end. After 15 years of rocking the island, Scotoma call it a quits, for good this time! The Scotoma legacy of course doesnt stop here! Low D. sings, write lyrics and co-write the music of a new band, Sonik Death Monkey.

1994 - Scotoma (Demo)
1995 - Outside The Slaughter House (Demo)
1996 - Realife (Demo)
1997 - Desert Fish (Single)
2004 - I Want To Fly (EP)
2007 - Killing The Machine (EP)

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