Review: SoulSteal - Answers To Everything, 2012

Country: Cyprus
Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Death
Release Year: 2012
Label: Self Release
Format: CD
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Having formed more than 10 years ago, in 2001, SoulSteal have managed to become one of the most unique bands in Cyprus. Their music is a mixture of atmospheric doom/death metal with influences ranging from Katatonia and Paradise Lost to more modern melodies. They released their demo ‘Mirror is a Lonely Place’ in 2009 and the track ‘Seeds of Solution’ of this demo was also included in the ‘ Compilation’.

‘Answers to Everything’ is their first full-length album which was released last January, as a private release. This album is a natural successor of its predecessor, following the same patterns. The album has 7 excellent compositions, including one instrumental track as the outro. The combination of brutal and clean vocals by Socrates Ioannou is fantastic and blends well with the dark and gloomy atmosphere.

My favourite tracks of the album are ‘Your Sunset’ and ‘Allegiance’. The album finishes quite fast, as it only lasts around 30 minutes, and it leaves you craving for more. The last instrumental track ‘Refraction’ is magical and it is the ideal way to end the album.

We should also mention the fact that the production of the album was perfect with crystal clear sound and considering that this was a self-release we should congratulate the band for their work and the result they produced.  

SoulSteal are playing live on September 27, supporting Moonspell at their show in Nicosia.


Alexandros Vacanas
July 2012