SOULSTEAL - Answers To Everything

Band: SoulSteal
Mirror is a Lonely Place
Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
Type: Full-Length
Year: 2011
Label: Self Release

01. The Answer
02. Everything
03. Your Sunset
04. Allegiance - The Reverse Of Pain
05. Judicial
06. A Word Prior To Your Conviction

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Did you ever think of being the prey in the “cornerstone”
where dead-burning cold nights deform your own soul?
Did you ever dream of these days you’ll be called “so engraved and pathetic”?

Did you ever think of being a loner when sky falls
The black forlorn zone would absorb your own thoughts
Did you ever dream of these names that you make “so derailed and hysteric”?

…the answer is No,
you would never be on your own
cause’ you’ve been killing all that you know
you’ve been living a dream all alone

So you want to be in the place of these scattered souls,
where mirrors made of empathy reveal their skeletons
Are the dreams and your hopes deadly enough so as to feed all the hysterics?

…still the answer is “No”.
you would never be on your own
killing everything that you know
well you’ve been living a dream all alone

Realise that mirror is a lonely place
And every time all it takes is just another name
You see it dies when all forgotten fames
And lights will all fade away, when blood is on the blade

Still it seems so wrong
You could never be on your own
You’ve been everything but too strong
Now the mirror will be a lonely place.


In this gloomy-oriented protrusion
their auras are so weak:

we draw painful colours
to scratch them so deep

we prepare dreary waters
for their empty twilight sleep

Everything you waited for is (all) lost
All the things you gave, they keep coming along

we devise starved forests
for their ravening sympathy

we script their pathetic lives;
a film in a railway of disease

Dejecting and demoralising
every psychic contributions;
as parts of majestic gloom
we create protrusions.


Before you show off to the Fall
Before you rot once and for all:
Implore and moan.

See the sunset falling –on you- falling on (you)
A sea of moaning is coming on, yearning

All your cravings will deform
All your ravenous words will glow
Isn’t it wonderful? –the sunset over there is yours

See the sunset falling –on you- falling on (you)
Steal the moaning coming on, falling.

…and all this, just before you show off to the Fall


Another soul keeps searching for pleasures
in this exotic, courageous life
far from the realms of the reverence
where the merciful innocence dies

And you will have to obey their orders
for they convinced you that they are strong
we’re talking about these ogres in your attitude
who tell you what’s right and wrong

If only yearning could show me the way
Knowing, learning…but your soul is burning

And your mission in life is successful
and now silence will only exist
for you achieved all these dreams they asked for,
and now their satisfaction persists

You just gave the required nutrition
to their spiteful treacherous spirits
for once more you have brought to an end
these colourless, meaningless lyrics.


You waved off your senses
Unseen the staring eyes

And when it’s out of the water
in this exposed, ravenous world
when it’s losing all signs of life
it will suffer- it will unfurl.

Down there lays the frail:
a newborn to be shrunk
a small change that will torture your life
and all this in an empty trunk

“I will monitor your anguish
enjoy your shrinkage strains
devoting and harassing you,
you and your forgotten fames”.

Desperate for evaporation;
We pertain to our own acts
Onwards a forever journey
We are longing for shrinkage cracks.


Now let us all recall
refresh your rusty memory
Let us reveal the solid reality
it will haunt you forever

You know you are trying hard to escape
To show another face to your people
To pretend that you have changed
To give the impression that you are the innocent one

Bring it on….

So claim your tiny prizes
Swagger around your achievements
You and your tiny accomplishments
You and your stubborn coward bravery

Resentful bravery
Flavoured blasphemy
Crushing and smashing amenity

You are no one, whoever you are